Young software users like to play games, and some even create. Arduino has become one of the applications for solving this kind of problems. The software guaranteed the security and implementation of a raster graph for creating multimedia, which is why users liked it so much. The application also supported operating systems: Windows, Mac Os. Linux, which was another plus. You can download the official version of Arduino for free using the links on our page.

Built-in features

Arduino contains many tabs in the form of sections containing functions for working with the application. Thus , the application is divided into:

  • draw - interface for displaying raster graphics;
  • 3D - a way to output three-dimensional primitives;
  • input is used to process data coming from game controllers;
  • pay - network communication interface of games;
  • sound is necessary for low-level work with sound;
  • music promotes the playback of music in different formats;
  • directShow, used for audio and video input or output. 


To successfully install the program on a computer, laptop, follow a simple instruction:

  1. follow the link to install;
  2. familiarize yourself with the contents;
  3. read about the possibilities;
  4. find out about supported devices;
  5. find the built-in panel "Install" or "Download";
  6. press the button to install.

How to use resources

After launching the program, a layout conveniently divided into tabs will be placed in front of the user on the screen. With the help of the "System", the user will be able to find out and get acquainted with the information about the installed components. 

Draw will help with the output of raster graphics. The section contains management options, general layout, general system settings, display options.

 Pay attention! When working with the display, it is important not to forget to find "Use Hardware Acceleration", uncheck the boxes and click "Apply". Such an algorithm of commands helps to speed up the work of the hardware. 

The "Screen" tab will allow you to control the acceleration of the APG sections and textures, as well as tell you detailed information about the device. 

Component analysis will identify outdated resources and suggest updating.


So, having completed the introduction to the application, let's summarize:

  • Arduino is a free utility;
  • allows you to manage and create games;
  • manages resources and graphics.